Saturday, 6 July 2013

How to organize the Lair

Trying to organize a cave at home should start with what purpose it serves. There are several purposes use a village cave. A male could be "the lion", houses the large TV and is scheduled for sports nights to the Lord and master of the House and his friends. They contain other gadgets and facilitate beer drinking on weekends. The other end is picks up a living room, where the family for cozy evenings. Other forms, it is a library, an Office at home, etc. created can be. Here, it is assumed that the first will be held instead of a reconstruction project.

On the basis of deciding what is the purpose of a room, it depends on your organization decisions in great measure the size and shape of the room. One way regularly, a square or rectangular space is easier to configure. Other forms are some difficulty in deciding what goes where. Family rooms have hosted the most important TV through a large and comfortable sofa. This helps the family sit down and enjoy quality family time. This means also necessarily, that the Windows in the room need heavy curtains to darken the rooms sufficiently when needed. A direct consequence of the lighting is that you have an internal lights dimmer in Nice to reduce when the television program.

In contrast to the if also an Office must accept in the country, to give you lots of natural light and place your table and chairs for visitors in a corner, which is well lit. If the window is large and floor-to-ceiling style, nothing like it. In floor to ceiling shelves go which books might be Yes in both cases. Other furniture that goes into a cave in a family room is a desk with a lamp table and a Chair. When you have the avatar of the library of the cave, you have racks, comfortable reading chairs and a desk with buffets of Chair, in case you need notes, notes add on the edge of the book and so on.

In one of the forms of a cave, the color of the wall must be something warm and bright colour of your choice. A bright color gives you a feeling of space open and airy, that deserves this intimate space. Window grate must have furnished bright screens also curtains heavy, already discussed. When the TV does not appear, may be the marquee in plenty of natural light. Some, of course, a cave kids need other considerations.

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